Historic Country Inn or Bed and Breakfast

With a guaranteed revenue stream!

Six Upstairs Guest Rooms with Integrated Art Gallery

Home of the annual Colors of Copper Art Show and Wine Tasting

Fully-Equipped Kitchen and Shared Dining Area

Comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests or long-term rentals.

For Sale in Clifton, ArizonaThe Galleria

Have you always dreamed of owing a historic country inn?  The Galleria, a charming vintage bed and breakfast/art gallery in historic Clifton, Arizona, is entertaining offers.

A unique flatiron building constructed in 1939, the Galleria is a former dry goods store and rooming house.  Today its main floor home to the annual Colors of Copper Art Show and Wine Tasting while the second floor is the perfect country inn/bed and breakfast including six charming guest rooms and a well-equipped kitchen and comfortable lounge.

Architectural elements include original hardwood floors, a 13-foot ceiling on the main floor  and full-length balconies front and back overlooking Clifton’s historic main street. The property includes four designated parking spaces adjoining the building.

About the AreaClifton, Arizona

With a breathtaking stock of historic buildings, a main street virtually untouched since its heyday as the wildest mining town in the west, Clifton, Arizona, just might be “the next Marfa.”  This small town has become a haven haven for artists, small business owners and adventurers  dazzled by its inexpensive real estate and spectacular setting in the mountains of eastern Arizona.

“Sleepy Clifton is on the brink of a renaissance, led by locals and transplants who love the town’s overflowing history and are putting their backs into its revival.”
Tucson Weekly